Carnaval Dominican Republic

Every Sunday of the month of February, the carnival parades are held along the avenue Las Carreras towards the Monument with colorful groups to the rhythm of classical merengue. It’s a time to dance and enjoy the party of Dominican Folklore.

For the parade, the locals wear disguises. In Santiago de los Caballeros we represent Lechones Diablos Cojuelos, devil masks with mirrors and rattles and Roba la gallina (Huge Lady with an umbrella). The disguises carry inflated balloons and some with long whips that they use to make their way through the crowds. These costumes are considered works of art and in every region of the Island, they are different representations of the devil masks. Every year local artisans hand out competitions to award the creation of their masterpieces.

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About the area

W Hostel is situated in the urban heart of Santiago de los caballeros justo two block from the famous Monument of Restoration built by Trujillo in 1944. Santiago is considered to be cultural, educational, artsy, and an important means of transport for different destinations around quisqueya island making this town perfect for free travelers.

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