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Mondays like Fridays.

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Jazz Mondays in Santiago, is a non-profit activity, where a number of musicians fully dedicated to this delicate and exquisite way of making music meet.

Santiago de los Caballeros has been one of the strongest bastions and a hotbed of talents where, as a result of cooperation and friendship, the old talents give their experience with new musicians who inject modern ideas.

LOS LUNES DE JAZZ DE SANTIAGO, is a joint initiative of a group of Santiagueros musicians who do not form a specific musical group or a guild but simply a gathering of friends, musicians and related parties that have several common goals such as: spreading its music and projects, offer better musical quality to the public and join efforts to continue growing individually, among many others.

The idea comes from the need to have a place to express and evolve, offer a blank page to continue writing many notes that tell jazz stories ...

It had its beginnings about 10 years ago and carried out in several places that have opened their doors unselfishly: The 37 by Las Tablas, cultural space in "Boulevard Benito Moncion" and now at the Bar Moises Zouian of the Gran Theater del Cibao under the coordination by Cukín Curiel: and Fatima Franco.

In these places they play not only jazz with national artists but with prominent musicians from abroad in an open and very eclectic stage, a meeting date between musicians and the public that will continue to enjoy every Monday, as usual in Santiago, to continue to offer a very varied concert of different roots of JAZZ.

More information about this event.

Call: (809) 889-2444

Ticket fee: RD$150

Time : 9:30pm

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