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Boulevard Benito Monción Street

Updated: Nov 14, 2019

Benito Monción Street, named after Dominican history, Benito Monción was a Dominican hero who participated in the Dominican independence war against the Haitian colonization (1844 - 1856) and in the Restoration war seven years later of achieving independence.

Today, Benito Monción is honored with the "Bulevard de los artistas" is made for cultural activities, music, concerts, nightlife, restaurants, all the different ways of art and performance art among other activities. Walk and enjoy this clean atmosphere among friends and travelers, it is a place that fits perfectly with the need to have a coffee or local craft beer.

You can enjoy walking and having fun in places like Cronocopio cafe where open mics and poets composite their work, Burano bar with delicious stove pizza among others like Casa de Arte, Atabeyra, Dao al Pecao that contribute the Boulevard cultural scenery we have over our Santiago de los Caballeros.

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